Karan A Chanana Cooking Amira Basmati Rice

My inspiration is my vision and the belief that I am here to turn my vision into reality.
-Karan A Chanana

For the past nine years I have been at the helm of Amira Foods, a company started by my great grandfather in 1915, and has continued to be run by my family for the past 100 years. This has been an experience that I have relished and I see myself as the custodian of a company that has been an integral part of my family’s heritage for a century. One of the excellent things about this experience is that it has also enabled me to engage with and develop my passion for food and flavour over the years.

My desire to showcase the finest quality basmati rice to the world has been one of the driving forces behind my business ambitions and my passion for food lies at the heart of this. Food is a universal language that has the unique power to bond and unite people across different cultures and communities. The international nature of Amira’s business has meant that I have been able to explore the world and indulge in cuisines from almost every corner of the globe. I do not see food as simply a means of sustenance, but as a common tongue and as a means of human expression that can be just as powerful and stirring to the soul as any work of art. As the name suggests, ‘In Pursuit of the Palate’ is my endeavour to explore the finest food and travel that the world has to offer.

Karan A Chanana is the Chairman of the Amira Group. The views reflected in this website are personal and do not reflect the views of Amira Nature Foods Ltd, listed on the NYSE under the ticker symbol “ANFI”.