How to Cook the Perfect Pot of Basmati

Learn how to cook basmati

For centuries basmati rice has played an incredibly important role in the lives of several generations of my family. Not only has it been key for the company that we have managed for a century, but also because it has been the main component of dishes that have been cherished and enjoyed by members of the Chanana family for centuries.

While basmati rice is an effortless dish to prepare, there are a few variations in how it is preferred. Below is the method for basmati preparation that has been passed down by my family for generations so that you can discover how basmati has been prepared in Chanana kitchens for over century.


1. Whether preparing basmati rice in a rice cooker or pot, it is important to remember to wash and drain the rice 3 or 4 times before cooking, to remove some of the starch that prevents the rice from becoming soft and fluffy when cooked.

2. Add 3 cups of basmati rice and four cups of water into the rice cooker. (As always, feel free to adjust the ratio depending on the amount of people you are preparing rice for.)

3. Add half a tablespoon of salt and 2 tablespoons of butter or margarine to the rice.

4. Cook the basmati rice for 10 minutes, remove the lid and stir once. Cook the basmati for another 15 minutes.

5. Once the basmati rice has absorbed all the water, fluff it with a fork to separate the grains and serve.


1. Begin by washing and draining the rice 3 to 4 times before cooking.

2. Add one and a half cups of water, one tablespoon of butter or margarine and a pinch of salt for every one cup of rice to your chef pot or skillet.

3. Allow the pot to simmer gently for around ten minutes or until the water has been fully absorbed.

4. Once the water has been fully absorbed by the basmati rice, fluff with a fork and serve.