3213What I Have Learned in My Years in Business

If I could summarise my business mantra into one phrase it would be: ‘You lose and you learn, but never learn to lose!’.

As with everything in life, and perhaps more so with business, you must always take risks to achieve your goals. Taking risks means that you are continuously succeeding and, most importantly, innovating. Risk taking means that there are always chances to make mistakes, but it is of the utmost importance that one learns from these mistakes, and uses the experience of failure to become stronger. This is what paves the way to the future.

I also believe that it is of the greatest importance to remain an eternal optimist in business. This means that in everything you do, you hope for the best but always prepare for the worst. Always go into any venture with the potential of succeeding and be prepared to put in all the work necessary to achieving your success. At the same time, there are sometimes variables that are beyond our control, which means that sometimes a venture can result in failure. Adequate preparation means that we can quickly move on from such results.

What it Takes to Get Where I Am

The path to success can be summarised into a two-step process: Clarity and Vision. Clarity, in a business context, is having clarity of thought and clarity of intention. It is the ability to simplify every situation, every opportunity and face every situation. This kind of clarity enables you to have a clear Vision of what you want. Most importantly, having Clarity and Vision will enable you to visualise how to execute your goals, and to achieve them!

Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs

My advice for budding entrepreneurs is simple: be proactive in achieving your goals and don’t wait for success to fall into your lap. Success rarely comes easily. It is also incredibly important to be persistent, and to know that knock-backs are an inevitable part of the journey to entrepreneurial success. It is essential that you pursue a venture that you genuinely enjoy and believe in, because the type of persistence needed to truly succeed will be difficult to come by if you do not love what you’re doing.